talking at Webcamp08 in Romania

got a presentation to give next week at Webcamp talking about mobile development (courtesy of YDN). They have tracks on SEO, widgets and Web 3.0 (are we on 3.0 already?), but I think the one I’m more interested in is on Romanian-specific web issues… It’s always good to hear how different countries have got their own special highs and lows in the web industry (and hopefully i can find some people to talk about mobile too, as I don’t know that much about the specific situation in Romania!)

So, if anybody is around Bucharest (you know, by chance) and wants to check it out… ping me!

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  1. 1 Mihai

    I am watching you live. Can you please post your slides ?

  2. 2 ionescu

    I found your presentation interesting. I want a copy. Cand you send ? or do you have it online somewere ?


  3. 3 phobeo

    Mihai: sorry i didn’t got your comment on time, will post my slides here as soon as i can. Feel free to ping me if you have any questions

    Alex: going to post the slides to slideshare and add them to a post, so yes, you can check them out soon

    Thanks for attending thr talk, guys! and to everybody who came with questions/comments afterwards. It was really interesting! :)

  4. 4 ionescu

    why don’t you put your other profiles on your blog for people that want to connect to you ? (twitter, facebook, and so on)

    ps: bobby voicu once said, is very important for the visitors of your blog to have fast and easy acces to your contact informations :)

  5. 5 dumis

    I can’t wait to post your slides. Your speech was very interesting and in the same time captivating.


    enhorabuena machote! parece q ha sido todo un éxito! :) :*

  7. 7 Bobby Voicu
  8. 8 phobeo

    thanks all for the comments, I added mine (and the slides) here:

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