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I uploaded my slides for the yahoo widgets presentation in in slideshare, but I seem to be unable to make a presentation that works here:

Of course, while i make this work, you can always download the PPT directly here

It was a really good event! Maybe a bit too “marketing” for my taste at the beginning, but then it went really nice. The best of all: the people of course! Starting with those who attended, that asked questions afterwards, and that sent me mail or IMs to ask questions about widgets… and ending up with my wonderfulous hosts Bobby, Bogdan, Maria and Andreea. Thanks a lot to all for making this a great experience! :)

Oh! and also: last time I was in Bucharest I was in the same area my hotel was this time, but couldn’t find any decent place to go out. Turns out on top of the old building of the National Theatre, right next to where i was, there’s this AWESOME terrace, with open-air tables, benches, paintings of different artists lying on the walls… and the music was just perfect! Thanks Maria for the tip! :)

(now, if only i could find some photos of the place…)

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  1. 1 Maria

    Glad you enjoyed your stay :D. We had a great night as well :).

    The ‘awesome’ place is called “la motoare” - you can google search for images.

  2. 2 phobeo

    hey maria!!! yey! found some photos on flickr! will try to update those in another post!

    again: thanks a lot for organizing everything! I owe you another (rocking) night out when you come visit London! ;)

  3. 3 Maria

    again: Glad you had a great time and it was just as enjoyable for all of us :)
    London, that may happen sooner that even I thought. Just got word that ‘I am expected’ at a firend’s house there in November. I guess there’s no chance of another Less Than Jake six-night residency at Astoria? I will obiously be planning the trip according to who’s playing in London that month :)

  4. 4 alexandru ionescu

    thank you for the ppt :)

  5. 5 Bogdan

    anytime :)

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