have a laugh at the economic crisis

One of my goals for this year was to read a bit more about economy (and with that I meant “something else apart from The Undercover Economist and Freakonomics”)… and it turned out to be a good goal because the economy is in kind of an interesting status lately.

This week I got another book on economic theory, and thought about sharing the best explained summary of one of the main reasons of the economy crisis this year: subprime mortgages.


P.S. para los espanyoles, la traduccion no es perfecta, pero al menos se entiende ;)

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  1. 1 Miguel Jiménez

    Hello Mr. Desconectado… como esta todo? cuando usted desee avisenos de que viene por madrid o conteste a los correos :) obrigado.

  2. 2 RaveN

    Tenía ganas de felicitarte. Quede usted felicitado :)

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