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mobile websites with blueprint: slides from hackday

Last weekend we had the Yahoo Open Hackday, a weekend of messing with technnology, meeting friends and having fun. For those who haven’t been in one, a hackday is probably the equivalent a music festival for geeks.

I did a talk about using Yahoo Blueprint for creating mobile sites, and then helped some people with their BP hacks. You can check them all in the hackday page, and slides are linked to slideshare below

a bit of nerdcore…

too good not to post

have a laugh at the economic crisis

One of my goals for this year was to read a bit more about economy (and with that I meant “something else apart from The Undercover Economist and Freakonomics”)… and it turned out to be a good goal because the economy is in kind of an interesting status lately.

This week I got another book on economic theory, and thought about sharing the best explained summary of one of the main reasons of the economy crisis this year: subprime mortgages.


P.S. para los espanyoles, la traduccion no es perfecta, pero al menos se entiende ;)

lazy sunday… with fantastic contraptions

As I am visiting my family in Seville this weekend, I was looking forward to a lazy sunday not doing much all morning… maybe have a look at my slides for Future of Web Apps Expo talk in London next week…

But instead, evil Lera sent me this:

So terrible! couldn’t stop this morning! :D

Oh well.. slides can’t compete with a good flash game… XKCD is sooo right…

xkcd: flash games

new lego digital designer

now with a cooler interface and more pieces… yohoo! :)

lego digital designer

By the way, we’re trying to organize some hacking day around Lego… let’s see what we can come up with… all ideas welcome!

alembik: cool mobile technology, made in Spain

I just got back from having a drink with the guys from Kimia, who were visiting London (and the Yahoo offices on the way!) After finally meeting them in person I can confirm that these guys are set to be successful in the mobile arena. I really hope the best for them. And I don’t say that because they’re spanish (I know it’s what you’re thinking!) but because they have made some really big and cool bets and that makes them deserve it! :)

kimia logo

If you still don’t believe me, check out Alembik, the web/media transcoding service they have released as open source and that is part of the core of their “kubes” project. This initiatives are what all mobile web should be about, because (in their own words) “conversion of content to mobile should be a commodity”

Now, if only some companies out there were thinking the same way… *sigh*

calvin and jobs

I’m still ROTFL! }XD Thanks for sending, Christian!!!

calvin and jobs 1 calvin and jobs 2

EPROM: MIT, mobile, help other countries

Cathy sent me today a couple of links that look interesting. Will have to ask a couple of my friends about what they’re doing with this:

eprom logo]

slides from webcamp

I uploaded my slides for the yahoo widgets presentation in in slideshare, but I seem to be unable to make a presentation that works here:

Of course, while i make this work, you can always download the PPT directly here

It was a really good event! Maybe a bit too “marketing” for my taste at the beginning, but then it went really nice. The best of all: the people of course! Starting with those who attended, that asked questions afterwards, and that sent me mail or IMs to ask questions about widgets… and ending up with my wonderfulous hosts Bobby, Bogdan, Maria and Andreea. Thanks a lot to all for making this a great experience! :)

Oh! and also: last time I was in Bucharest I was in the same area my hotel was this time, but couldn’t find any decent place to go out. Turns out on top of the old building of the National Theatre, right next to where i was, there’s this AWESOME terrace, with open-air tables, benches, paintings of different artists lying on the walls… and the music was just perfect! Thanks Maria for the tip! :)

(now, if only i could find some photos of the place…)

talking at Webcamp08 in Romania

got a presentation to give next week at Webcamp talking about mobile development (courtesy of YDN). They have tracks on SEO, widgets and Web 3.0 (are we on 3.0 already?), but I think the one I’m more interested in is on Romanian-specific web issues… It’s always good to hear how different countries have got their own special highs and lows in the web industry (and hopefully i can find some people to talk about mobile too, as I don’t know that much about the specific situation in Romania!)

So, if anybody is around Bucharest (you know, by chance) and wants to check it out… ping me!

webcamp logo