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mobile websites with blueprint: slides from hackday

Last weekend we had the Yahoo Open Hackday, a weekend of messing with technnology, meeting friends and having fun. For those who haven’t been in one, a hackday is probably the equivalent a music festival for geeks.

I did a talk about using Yahoo Blueprint for creating mobile sites, and then helped some people with their BP hacks. You can check them all in the hackday page, and slides are linked to slideshare below

alembik: cool mobile technology, made in Spain

I just got back from having a drink with the guys from Kimia, who were visiting London (and the Yahoo offices on the way!) After finally meeting them in person I can confirm that these guys are set to be successful in the mobile arena. I really hope the best for them. And I don’t say that because they’re spanish (I know it’s what you’re thinking!) but because they have made some really big and cool bets and that makes them deserve it! :)

kimia logo

If you still don’t believe me, check out Alembik, the web/media transcoding service they have released as open source and that is part of the core of their “kubes” project. This initiatives are what all mobile web should be about, because (in their own words) “conversion of content to mobile should be a commodity”

Now, if only some companies out there were thinking the same way… *sigh*

EPROM: MIT, mobile, help other countries

Cathy sent me today a couple of links that look interesting. Will have to ask a couple of my friends about what they’re doing with this:

eprom logo]

hackday time

wow! this week is being pretty intense: first we had BBC mashed event, today was the searchmonkey hacking evening and tomorrow is our internal Yahoo! hackday.

Lots of things to do, little time to post…

I did a Fireagle widget hack in Mashed, that I couldn’t get completely running because I started playing with the authentication (trying to make oauth work with only curl) and with Ant scripts to verify/lint/deploy both XML and PHP files (pretty sweet stuff!) Will post info as soon as I can

I was only briefly at the hack evening today, but managed to check the talk, chat with a couple of nice people from ITV and do a formula 1 monkey to extract info from eurosport pages and present it alongside search results. I think it looks nice:

searchmonkey - formula 1 pilot info

ready to be mashed!

anybody else going to Mashed08 this weekend? There are still tickets left!


I will drop by on Saturday and still thinking about whether to go for a hack or not… the idea of doing the nokia n95-based version of a polar pedometer (with automatic integration with is still in the air… ;)

mobile development with Forum Nokia & MobileMonday @ Barcelona

If you happen to be in Barcelona next week, and don’t have anything interesting to spend the Monday night with, I will be talking about mobile web development and the Yahoo Mobile platform on the 5th of May, in the Forum Nokia & MobileMonday Event in Barcelona.

logo mobile monday - nokia forum

There are also some interesting people to network with, so let me know if you want to come and say hi!

random thoughts on mobile content

Cathy sent me a doc with recent coverage about OverTheAir that includes this interview with Matthew, the master of all things mobile at BBC ;)

Very interesting read (especially if you’re looking into “aggregating mobile content”, or however they call it these days)

Interview: Matthew Postgate (via MocoNews)

This actually reminds me of some other interesting thing I bumped into when talking with a couple of operators that have integrated oneSearch in their portals. As most of you know, until not-so-long most operators had closed portals (what were usually called “walled gardens”) with syndicated content (via several of the beforementioned “mobile content aggregator” deals). However, since recently, they’re all (*ejem* almost) switching to offer open Internet access, and integrate the internet search right on their decks (via Google mobile search, Microsoft Live Mobile, Yahoo oneSearch or even other parties like Medio)

The interesting thing is that even though that trend has been going on for I’d say 1-2 years, when you look at some of these operators’ top queries, it really seems like they’re mostly for in-portal content! Poetically speaking, even though the “garden” is not “walled” anymore, people are still mostly staying in!

open cage

I guess it’s kind of good news for people whose business model is based on selling mobile content but… I guess also not so good for getting there in terms of having an “open” mobile web ecosystem as good and full of interest as the desktop web counterpart. Or maybe it’s just a question of educating the users to know what’s out there and wait for more to come?

Would love to hear your oppinions on this…

want a fireeagle invitation?

Have been playing a bit with the FireEagle API for building location based services (check some slides about FireEagle here) and the team commented that they’re preparing a FireEagle hack night some point next month, and also sent me some invites to circulate

So if any of you needs a FireEagle invite to test, feel free to shoot me an email! (info about hacknight will probably be put in when details are available)

fireeagle logo

P.S. by the way, if you want to check which cool things you can do with FireEagle, check out Simon’s Wikinear application here

slides from OverTheAir hackfest

As usual, I forgot to post in advance, but I gave a couple of talks at the OverTheAir mobile hackfest organized by BBC and MoMoLondon. Really cool event, guys! As the overtheair people are submitting their slides to slideshare, I thought I could as well repost them here, in case anybody’s interested.

First is the intro slides to the widgets panel, that we shared with Nokia and Vodafone. Second is the slides to the developing widgets workshop itself.

P.S: before you comment: yes, I know the fonts are all made a mess… have to play more with this slideshare thing :P

de mudanzas

como ya se ha encargado de comentar el maligno hemos estado de mudanzas estos dias. Hemos tenido un poco de lio buscado sitio, moviendo cozas, decorando y demases pero esto ya empieza a parecer un poco una casa (con algunas cajas y una bandera de los maiden en el salon, pero una casa al fin y al cabo).

Para los aventureros que de cuando en cuando se dejan caer para visitar, que sepais que estamos en Pimlico, tenemos vistas al rio y como siempre estais mas que bienvenidos (siempre que traigais jamon) ;P

Entre la mudanza, viajes de curro, viajes no de curro y demas boberias, no me ha dado tiempo a escribir nada (ni emails personales, como ya sabeis algunos) Eso si, voy a aprovechar que hoy tocaba escribir para comentar que no somos los unicos que estamos de mudanzas:

PCWorld: T-Mobile Dumps Google in Europe for Yahoo

Para los que no entendais euskera: la noticia viene a decir que TMobile acaba de firmar con Yahoo para cambiar el motor de busqueda de Web’n'walk (su plataforma movil) de Google a Yahoo OneSearch. La importancia del asunto no es solo en temas de tener mayor numero de usuarios y de visibilidad, sino que ademas es la primera vez que una operadora pega el cambiazo en temas de mobile… y encima dejando Google, claro, que tiene su intringulis…

Y es que el mundo mobile esta que se sale con los anuncios… y mas que nos espera este anyo! A ver si el tiempo me deja y ponemos otro post sobre los ultimos anuncios del 3GSM en Barcelona de la semana pasada…

En fin, espero que me perdoneis el momento “corporate publicity” pero… es que nos hemos dado un curro que no veas para sacar TMobile adelante, asi que despues de lo que han trabajado los integrantes del equipo, tanto en London, como en Sunnyvale, como en Hamburgo, como en Bangalore… que menos que estar orgullosos! Es que son unos crases! :)

Y como se suele decir: seguiremos informando! ;)