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new lego digital designer

now with a cooler interface and more pieces… yohoo! :)

lego digital designer

By the way, we’re trying to organize some hacking day around Lego… let’s see what we can come up with… all ideas welcome!

hackday time

wow! this week is being pretty intense: first we had BBC mashed event, today was the searchmonkey hacking evening and tomorrow is our internal Yahoo! hackday.

Lots of things to do, little time to post…

I did a Fireagle widget hack in Mashed, that I couldn’t get completely running because I started playing with the authentication (trying to make oauth work with only curl) and with Ant scripts to verify/lint/deploy both XML and PHP files (pretty sweet stuff!) Will post info as soon as I can

I was only briefly at the hack evening today, but managed to check the talk, chat with a couple of nice people from ITV and do a formula 1 monkey to extract info from eurosport pages and present it alongside search results. I think it looks nice:

searchmonkey - formula 1 pilot info

ready to be mashed!

anybody else going to Mashed08 this weekend? There are still tickets left!


I will drop by on Saturday and still thinking about whether to go for a hack or not… the idea of doing the nokia n95-based version of a polar pedometer (with automatic integration with mapmyrun.com) is still in the air… ;)

want a fireeagle invitation?

Have been playing a bit with the FireEagle API for building location based services (check some slides about FireEagle here) and the team commented that they’re preparing a FireEagle hack night some point next month, and also sent me some invites to circulate

So if any of you needs a FireEagle invite to test, feel free to shoot me an email! (info about hacknight will probably be put in upcoming.org when details are available)

fireeagle logo

P.S. by the way, if you want to check which cool things you can do with FireEagle, check out Simon’s Wikinear application here